Crowdsourcing a text2cypher dataset

Do you want to finetune a text2cypher LLM but can't find a dataset? Is there a new LLM you want to evaluate for its Cypher generating abilities? The problem is that there are no publicly available text2cypher datasets that you could use. I want to change that.

Given the excellent response from the community I got from my previous Cypher direction validation competition, I have decided to start a text2cypher dataset crowdsourcing initiative. We have implemented an application that allows you to generate and validate Cypher statements based on natural language input. To make the dataset as rich as possible, you have the option to generate Cypher statements for 17 different graph databases, each with its schema model.

Even if you are non-technical, you can help us by posing good questions you expect the graph to answer. Additionally, the top 10 contributors will receive swag prizes, and I'll ship a couple of copies of my recently published book as well.

Let's make 2024 the year of finetuned text2cypher LLMs together! :)

Link to the blog post for more information: Crowdsourcing Text2Cypher dataset | by Tomaz Bratanic | Jan, 2024 | Medium
Link to application: