Creating a Graph DB

Hi, I'm learning everything related to Neo4j and I still don't fully understand when you create a DB, do I require to have the data that it's related to the nodes/labels/properties? Can I do the DB without data? My mindset for many years have been RDBMS related, so when I create a DB I don't require to have the data at first.

Hi Roberto,

I'd suggest you go to and play with some existing samples. It's all free and so easy. Each project you create and open will use one Neo4j database automatically created for you and only you in the cloud. Select Blank Sandbox for an empty database.

Hope it helps,

Thanks Chris, after playing in that sandbox I understand now that I require to have the data to create the DB. This is a totally different approach from the one I've been used to, but I'll manage to comply with it.

glad you found your answer...

but just so you know, I think anyone on Earth would have a problem with understanding what you meant :-)

databases are always created as empty in any database system, you don't need any "data" for them. Neo4j has by default a system database, and a neo4j default database created for you. In Enterprise Edition, you can create, select and use more databases.

If by "data" you actually meant metadata (tables in RDBMS, conceptual schema for nodes and relationships in Neo4j), they are also NOT required at all to create an empty db.

I just suspect that's a language problem here... ;)

good luck