Create relation between nodes (Person)-[:Member]-(Academy)


(Moji Tavoni) #1

Somehow I'm lost to create the relation between my nodes I have 3 CSV files trying to connect books to person s and the academies.
I have read and watched a lot's of videos and posts about creating and merging the relations between nodes but I'm still novel to creating them,
I have tried to import my data with ETL tool also with other ways import CSV with headers and so on .. and create the relations: but what I mean is to connect them by Ids and show the info's

MATCH (p:Person),(b:Book)
MERGE (b)-[:WRITE_BY]->(p)
MATCH (p:Person),(a:Academy)
MERGE (p)-[:MEMBER]->(a)
MATCH (b:Book),(a:Academy)

It would be great if anyone could help me specifically with my data to create the relations :pray:

we should also avoid creating NULL nodes, we have { to itacitembook.ArtistIds, to itacitembook.AcademyIds

Thanks in advance

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(Benoit Simard) #2

Can you share the headers of yours CSV ?

If the image correspond to your CSV, then I don't see the join between Person and Academy.

(Moji Tavoni) #3

The image is the MySQL diagram, these are CSV headers: