Copy all relationships r that relate a to c in (a {uuid1})-[r]-(c), for use in (b {uuid2})-[r]-(c)

(Snellad1) #1


I am trying to copy all r{} where (a {uuid1})-[r]-(c) for use in (b {uuid2})-[r]-(c), while maintaining the original (a)-[r]-(c). It's for versioning purposes - b is an updated node of a, and I want to copy over all relationships a had over to b.
I have uuid uniqueness constraints in place for both nodes and relationships.

I have read and tested how to move relationships from a to b with and apoc.refactor.from. I've also tried apoc.refactor.cloneNodesWithRelationships.
But I've yet seen how to clone relationships without creating unwanted nodes.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks.

PS, Before posting, I've read the following: