Connecting Tableau to Neo4j for Visualization

Hi, Has anyone tried using Tableau as the UI for graph data. How can we connect it and will it be user friendly?

I built a custom Tableau extension using a graph visualization library for UI.

@zakjan Can you please let me know if that can be used for dynamic interaction by the users. For example, if one node is displayed can they click on that to expand and display the nodes connected to it? I know there are other tools for this but this is a question from user who wants to see if we can extend tableau for this too so the keep everything together.

Yeah, you can do anything in a custom extension UI. It's an iframe. You can request the data with Tableau Extensions API.

Here is a small demo of a drill down extension I built with yFiles. Similar approach works for a graph viz as well.

Thanks @zakjan. Will give it a try and see.