Confused on version and installing Java JDK for Mac to support Enterprise for OnLine learning class

Trying to take the on-line course for managing Neo4j and it wants me to have Enterprise installed. That requires Java JDK to be installed on my Mac. Not a Java user I am totally confused by the Java versions and then how to install on Mac without breaking the Mac. Is there a set of instructions for how to do this? Otherwise, I am fine just using Neo4j Desktop for learning.

Neo4j Desktop includes a developer-licensed version of Neo4j Enterprise, so you're fine to use that as-is.

Ok, but where do I find it? I have the Neo4j file, but cannot find file loctions as shown in 4.2 of Operations manual. Buried in /Users/bbrown/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop I have installation-3.5.3 and the bin folder. If I try * sudo bin/neo4j start then I get 'Unable to find any JVMs matching version "1.8".' So in the module Module: Managing a Neo4j Database, I am stuck on Managing a Neo4j Instance. Am I in the wrong place?

I'm having the same problem. still can't start community edition on my mac, any luck with this? I installed Java 1.8 but still same error.

I had this problem when trying to install the Enterprise version for the Administration tutorial on my mac, i.e. I got 'Unable to find any JVMs matching version "1.8".' at the ./bin/neo4j console step. I installed the latest Java SE Development kit, which was 13.0.1, and got the same error. After a little searching I found some sources saying I needed version 8u231 so I installed Java SE Development Kit 8u231 from here:

and this seemed to have solved the problem. I did have to make an account at Oracle to do the 8u231 download (but not the 13.0.1 download), not sure why.

It would be helpful if the tutorial would include a section on installing Java for us mac users who haven't used Java before. I would also be curious to know why an old version is needed. Is this just an artifact that's going to go away at some point?

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Thanks, David. Installing JDK 8 worked for me as well.

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