Comparing and Merging data and Schema changes between 2 graphs


I am totally new to Neo4j and currently trying to test out our requirements using Neo4j community edition. I wanted to know if there is way to find the Data and the schema changes and to apply those changes to another database. Any suggestions ?


Do you want to compare differences between two systems then I think you can use functions that call out schema/indexes and compare those results?

CALL apoc.schema.nodes()
CALl db.schema()

Maybe I did not understand the question well, have you looked at documentation - it is quite good

Hi @paul.are

Thank you for your response. I am actually looking for a way to find if data or schema changed in an environment and then export the changed data.
Similar to schema and data compare options for other DBMS.

I think this can be achieved by going through transaction logs.

The transaction logs record all write operations in the database. This includes additions or modifications to data, as well as the addition or modification of any indexes or constraints

I am not aware if there is any builtin-tool, that could simplify this task.