Combine multiple paths into one in neo4j

I would like to combine paths from multiple match query. Consider a query

MATCH path_1 =  (t1:Type1)-[r1:]->(t2:Type2)
MATCH path_2 =  (t2)-[r2]->(t3:Type3) 
MATCH path_3 =  (t1)-[r3]->(t4:Type4)
RETURN path_1,path_2,path_3
  1. How to combine all these three paths into one as like apoc.path.combine(path_1,path_2) as path , But it just combines two paths. I want to combine more than three paths.
  2. How does Neo4j browser able to render a graph with the output given by above query? I can use the same logic to generate paths
With apoc.path.combine(path_1,path_2)  as path12
WITH apoc.path.combine(path12, path_3) as path

I don't understand what you are trying to do. If t2,t3,t4 are distinctly different nodes then you are in trouble.