Colourful Neovis-visjs backend in TiddlyWiki

(Irler) #1

I'm German, 30years in Italy, retired: own service company for PA;
now use nodejs+Netbeans+TiddlyWiki+NeoVis+JSON+visjs in an ontology visualisation
for my collection of mechanical calculation devicesWJI-technologies

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum !

(Michael Hunger) #3

Sounds like a fun mix of technologies. Do you share your data somewhere and the way you built up your system?

(William Lyon) #4

Welcome! I love the colorful graph visualization :-)

(Irler) #5

Hi Michael, have a look on this
explanatory screen film
to give an idea. The whole mix of technologies has been used.
I save a JSON file with the data and then use only visjs for publication without neo4j.
in the IM2018 meeting of the Oughtred Society on 22 Sept. 2018 I presented this latter approach:
IM2018 article from the proceedings
still a lot of work in progress

(Irler) #6

Hello all,
see the video of the presentation itself:
published by the British collectors group:
Shows the animated view of different "ontologies"

(Michael Hunger) #7

Thanks a lot Wolfgang!