Circular Economy in Finance


(Samuel D. S. Franca) #1

Sometimes the circularities may come from an unexpected place and it is difficult to find.

The Cycling of [NEED TO PAY] transactions can be used to create a Financial Clearing/Settlement system more egalitarian and become a real driving force for the economy.

(You) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (Someone),
(Someone) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (The other one),...
...,(The other one) – [NEED TO PAY] ->(You)
We detect this Virtuous Cycle and send you a email with a Transactions Cycle GUID with the Value Cleared!

(Paul Thomas) #2

Reminds me of the old french parable / joke about the hotel owner, the butcher and the madam ... but seriously this is an interesting idea and such a system could have helped a lot of countries cope during the crash with chains of companies owing money to each-other.

(Samuel D. S. Franca) #3

Paul, thank you for the comment, yes I agree with you, we can see here the power of graphs and the power of looking at relationships, even in the simplest of graphs. (i) - [need_to_pay {value: 10}] -> (you), Thank you for your time. if you can simply sign up for we need users!

(Samuel D. S. Franca) #4

Income Shared - Star - MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!