Christophe Willemsen


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My name is Christophe Willemsen, I joined the Neo4j Community back in 2012.

I'm working at GraphAware since 2014 as a consultant helping companies be successful with graphs and related technologies.

I also lead the development of the GraphAware Knowledge Platform, an Insight Engine backed by Neo4j, involving data integration, NLP, Machine Learning, Graph Algorithms and Search.

I am originally from Belgium but live now in Italy with my wife and our 4 daughters.

I help as much as I can on StackOverflow or forums when people have questions around Neo4j. I also maintain with my colleagues tons of neo4j plugins available on Github, so feel free to ask me questions if you need help with those.

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Hi Christophe!
We're so happy you're here!!! :D

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Congrats, Christophe!

We're picking 5 people at random who introduced themselves in the new community site for the next 5 weeks, and your name was selected!

I will DM you with $50 code you can use in the Neo4j Graph Gear Store!