Chris Bird

(Chris Bird) #1

I have been lurking in the Graph world for a while now. Finally coming into the open now that I have more time to explore.

Most of the work that I do revolves around data structuring, analysis, decision making. I work predominantly in the travel industry giving lots of scope for finding interesting associations and relationships among unlikely entities.

As I get further into working with NEO4J, I am sure that I will need to lean on community members. Likewise, if I come across something that may be of value to others, I will be sure to post it.

Meanwhile, I am off to experiment!


(Michael Hunger) #2

Hi Chris,

thanks for joining the community officially :)
I guess you saw some of the blog posts on about travel industry related topics?

Have fun asking and answering / posting


(Chris Bird) #3

Thanks, Michael. I will head over to the link and see.

I am looking forward to getting my pet project off the ground. The thinking model for it is quite challenging!