Change email address of neo4j account

Is it possible to change the email address associated with the neo4j account?

Don't change your email address with them. neo4j is either selling the email addresses we provide or someone has stolen them. Either way, you may not want to trust neo4j (the company) with any more of your info.

That is of course not true, we would never do that (why would we).
If your email address you used with neo4j has gone out somewhere, then it's most likely been used in a place where it is publicly accessible (e.g. github emails or so).

And we do adhere to GDPR and other regulations.

I get that that's the intent, but from my perspective the evidence says otherwise:

  • New, custom email address used to sign up with neo4j
  • Never used the address anywhere else
  • Now getting emails from other companies to that address

Most likely possibilities: sold or stolen.

If you say you don't sell the emails, fine. Then most likely possibility: stolen. (Not willing to elevate the possibility of a million monkeys sitting in a room generating random addresses by clattering away at keyboards to my most probable list quite yet.)

I don't have much skin in the game here (can block the neo4j address whenever), but this question seemed as good a place as any to provide some feedback.