Can't bring up Neo community edition

OS: GNU/Linux Ubuntu
Neo4j version: neo4j-community-4.3.6


I installed java:

java --version
java 17.0.1 2021-10-19 LTS
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 17.0.1+12-LTS-39)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0.1+12-LTS-39, mixed mode, sharing)

And export JAVA_HOME and add $JAVA_HOME/bin to PATH, when I try to start the server I got this error.

./neo4j console
Directories in use:
home:         /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6
config:       /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/conf
logs:         /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/logs
plugins:      /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/plugins
import:       /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/import
data:         /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/data
certificates: /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/certificates
licenses:     /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/licenses
run:          /home/opr/micros_bgp_dev_aqui/neo4j-community-4.3.6/run
Starting Neo4j.
WARNING! You are using an unsupported Java runtime.
* Please use Oracle(R) Java(TM) 11, OpenJDK(TM) 11 to run Neo4j.
* Please see for Neo4j installation instructions.
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: Option UseBiasedLocking was deprecated in version 15.0 and will likely be removed in a future release.
2021-10-22 13:47:51.027+0000 INFO  Starting...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.LinkageError: Cannot to link java.nio.DirectByteBuffer
	at org.neo4j.internal.unsafe.UnsafeUtil.<clinit>(
	at org.neo4j.memory.RuntimeInternals.guessHeaderSize(
	at org.neo4j.memory.RuntimeInternals.<clinit>(
	at org.neo4j.memory.HeapEstimator.<clinit>(
	at org.neo4j.internal.collector.RecentQueryBuffer.<clinit>(
	at org.neo4j.graphdb.factory.module.GlobalModule.<init>(
	at org.neo4j.graphdb.facade.DatabaseManagementServiceFactory.createGlobalModule(
	at org.neo4j.server.CommunityBootstrapper.createNeo(
	at org.neo4j.server.NeoBootstrapper.start(
	at org.neo4j.server.NeoBootstrapper.start(
	at org.neo4j.server.CommunityEntryPoint.main(
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: module java.base does not open java.nio to unnamed module @3bf44630
	at java.base/java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles.privateLookupIn(
	at org.neo4j.internal.unsafe.UnsafeUtil.<clinit>(
	... 11 more
2021-10-22 13:47:51.156+0000 INFO  Neo4j Server shutdown initiated by request
2021-10-22 13:47:51.156+0000 INFO  Stopped.
Unexpected process failure. See log for info.
Run with '--verbose' for a more detailed error message.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance

Hi, @nomar.mora !

You should install Java 11 and add it to PATH, as it is the version supported for running Neo4j.

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I see!

I have java 17 :man_facepalming:

Thanks!!! <3

I will try with java 11

FWIW System requirements - Operations Manual details system requirements

when will we see a java 17 version? I'm getting this error from the test utils and need it for development. IMO there's been enough time for a patch release.

ugh, I mean, you've literally had over 3 years to prepare for this... why weren't you ready?!

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Yup I'm using Java 17 as well, other tools on my box need the newer jre. Can we get a patch?


have you considered Debian - Operations Manual or is this not a option?