Can't access node as one object property in GraphQL using @cypher directive


I'm trying to return an entire node as one of the properties of a type using custom directive @cypher available in the neo4j-graphql-js package, but I get this error in GraphQL Playground in the browser, when I try to access a property of this node:

Variable undefined not defined (line 5, column 128 (offset: 404))\n\"return {ability: ability, grade: grade}\", {this: student, cypherParams: $cypherParams}, true) | student_abilitiesPerformances {undefined}] } AS student \"\n

This is the code in the back-end:

This is the GraphQL query I'm trying to make:

What am I doing wrong here?

It seems like a bug in neo4j-graphql.js. Is being addressed here to anyone interested: