Cannot find GraphDatabaseFactory

I have downloaded Neo4j 4.0 MR2 and I am trying to embed it into a Scala 2.12.8 application that I am working on. I have added the downloaded lib folder as unmanaged dependencies in my build.sbt, and I can import Neo4j classes into my application in IntelliJ.

The getting started examples for embedding Neo4j into a Java application use the GraphDatabaseFactory to create a GraphDatabaseService instance. However, I cannot find and import GraphDatabaseFactory. I see the org.neo4j.graphdb.factory package, but it does not include GraphDatabaseFactory, or any other factory such as EnterpriseGraphDatabaseFactory. What am I missing?

From what I see in the code you use org.neo4j.dbms.api.DatabaseManagementServiceBuilder as entry point. From there you get a DatabaseManagementService which allows you to create and start databases.

Thanks! Where is this code example? Looks like I have missed it...

Sorry, but cource code of 4.0 MR2 has not been published. I suspect it will be published for a upcoming MR.

ok, thanks for the info but what's the point of releasing the MR if the changes are so significant that one does not even know how to create a database to test it? shouldn't the preliminary documentation at least cover that? I think this is a natural expectation since this MR is suggested as a fix for issue #8832 on github. hope this is fixed for the the upcoming MR...