Can we use neo4j 4.0 with PHP?

After playing enough with neo4j alone, I decided to integrate it to my PHP project, and searched for drivers or whatever it is called. The only not abandoned github repository I found, the one called a partner on this forum, stopped development like last year:

The driver does not support Neo4j 4.0 and recent 3.5.x versions.
To reply as it was asked a couple of times already. So far, due to the lack of documentation for driver authors ( lack from Neo4j ), the amount of time needed to upgrade to Neo4j 4.0 is above a reasonable financial limit.
So without a serious effort from Neo4j to bring back at least some documentation, or a company who would sponsor the development of the upgrade ( count ~ $10-15k), we cannot afford to spend the time on this.

So, is there a way to connect to neo4j 4.0 via PHP? I find that worrying that I am relying on a DB I might not be able to upgrade because drivers are not maintained... Does that mean no neo4j's client is using PHP? Or maybe I am worrying for nothing and there is a solution. In that case, I would like to hear it, please.
If not, what am expected to do (what is the latest supported version using what)? Thanks.