Can we disable bolt

Can we disable bolt and use http to connect to database?
I set
to disable it.
Then cannot connect to our database

so can we bypass the bolt connection or use http to talk to database

Why do you want to do that?

The Neo4j browser uses bolt to talk to the database.

You can disable bolt but then you have to have your own application talk via the HTTP API to the db.

I don't want use bolt to talk with db, instead I want use http protocol to talk with db. So what should I config to let http to connect to db.

This is want I really want:

I realize that bolt protocol cannot be accepted by AWS application load balancer, so I want change the db connection to http

can we let neo4j browser to connect to db through http not bolt

No, unfortunately not.

The LB can imho be configured for TCP connections too.

Neo4j uses client side routing in the drivers not a server side router / LB.

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I realize we can use https