Can we change the Paths of directories in the installation for rpm based installation of neo4j

Hello Team ,

I have installed the neo4j using rpm packages. ( dbms.jvm.additional=-Dunsupported.dbms.udc.source=rpm )

I want to change the below installation directories path under neo4j.conf file according to my user defined path like /app/neo4j/app/.
Please let us know the possibility of doing this and if it is possible then what changes I need to do in conf file to get the user-defined paths ?

Below are the by-default paths for RPM installation:

Paths of directories in the installation.






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This might be possible -- but it isn't such a great idea. If you customize the package locations, you may end up causing problems when it comes time to upgrade, since RPM won't be able to find things where it expects them to be. I expect changing these directories might also be a bit more complicated than necessary.

If you want to install Neo4j in your own custom directory anywhere, I'd recommend installing from tarball and not RPM. It will still work on RedHat distros.

Hello David,


Thanks a lot for explaining the scenarios.
We dont have tarball package for enterprise edition so we are using RPM package.
As of now we need to change the paths created with rpm installation as it uses OS directory which is not a good idea in our organization. Adding more to it , We are also planning for causal clustering on the neo4j servers. Hence OS related by-default paths will not work in our case.
Please let me know what is the procedure to change the path's in RPM installation.

Thanks a lot !


If you're an enterprise customer, please file a ticket through and they may be able to help you out with that. Still please consider that we can easily get you access to the tarball files for install this way. I understand your reasons for needing to change this, but still would like to underscore that things are likely to be easier for you going the tarball route.

Thanks David !! I will check on support neo4j site.