Can I load from rdbms (oracle) views (not tables)?

Desktop 1.3.8
I have successfully loaded from Oracle tables
Oracle schema is snowflake : fact > dim_account -> dim_customer
I want to pre-join account and customer on oracle side (in a view) then load that into neo4j

NB I am new to neo4j/graph databases. It seems easier to join 2 dimensions in rdbms db rather than trying to do equivalent in graph db - but happy to be educated.
Next steps would be how to achieve incremental/idempotent load - assume need MERGE.

I should have added that in Oracle, views can have foreign keys so I assume this is relevant to Neo4J's ability to reverse-engineer data dictionary/schema i.e. add relationship(s) between nodes.

But I am interested if answer would be same for Microsoft family of SQL i.e. SQL Server/Azure SQL Database etc

Also to clarify further, if Neo4j can load from Views, there would be no need to load from Tables.