Can get a web, second instance of neo4j connected

I am not sure what user name and password to use when connecting the second instance of neo4j to do exercise 15.11 in the training. I have been using the same username and password that I use for the desktop version.

I keep getting this error no matter what I try.
Neo.ClientError.Security.Unauthorized: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure.

Which training? Can you provide a bit more detail?

Each instance most likely has a different username and password, if you're referring to sandbox you can see the username and password on this panel:


I am going through the 6 part certification training. The one with 19 exercises.

I am using the desktop version, I finally found the key to getting the second instance working by adding the local host at a different address.

But now I am really struggling with much of the importing sections, especially using the neo4j admin import tool. The difficulty of the exercises exceed what is explained in the guidelines. In particular I really need help with exercise 18 because as soon as I try to use the terminal to download the data, I get a terminal screen that is just blank and looks nothing like the example. I am really not sure what I am doing wrong. I tried another example in the manual and basically had the same problem.

Do I need to open a new ticket for this importing issue or is there another reference I could use.

But that's another exercise now?

What OS are you on? And how do you open your terminal?
There is a built in terminal in neo4j desktop that you can use? if that doesn't work please share your neo4j desktop version (latest released from yesterday is 1.4.8) and the desktop log (via "Help" menu)

You can also download the data with your browser and put it in the right folder.

Yes I am on another exercise.

I am using Windows 10, I open the terminal through neo4j in the DBMS screen and select the three dots on the active database screen to the right of the open button; there is a terminal selection.

I am running Neo4j 4.3.1 but the exercise database was done in 4.2.1. I did see where I can update to 1.4.8 not sure what version I am running. I did lose my internet connection overnight, this seems to be what was in the Notification center error log.

(Attachment log.log is missing)