Browser Application won't install in Neo4j Desktop for ICIJ

Hello, the browser application won't install for me in the Neo4j Desktop for ICIJ. Is it possible that there is a configuration error? Any help is appreciated.

Hello @mjerge,

Welcome to the Neo4j community!

Unfortunately Neo4j Desktop for ICIJ is no longer being maintained. It would be necessary to download the data files from the ICIJ then use the new Neo4j Desktop.

The steps would be something like:

  1. Download Neo4j Desktop, run it
  2. Create a new project called "ICIJ Project"
  3. Download the ICIJ datafiles
  4. move the CSV files into the "ICIJ Project"
  5. create a database called "ICIJ Data"
  6. run Neo4j Browser
  7. use LOAD CSV to import the data

So many steps! And that last one is non-trivial.

Have you used Neo4j before? What are you interested in doing with the ICIJ data? There may be other people here who are actively working with that project.