Brent Phillips - Organizer Humanitarian AI meetup group

(Brent) #1

Brent from the Humanitarian AI meetup group in Cambridge joining the Neo4j community group. Looking forward to checking out what folks are doing and etc.

We're interested in exploring storing humanitarian aid activity data in Neo4j databases and developing algorithms for artificial intelligent applications able to query and process the data.

Folks are welcome to join and led input:

(Michael McKenzie) #2

Welcome Brent! That sounds very interesting. I am sure you will be able to connect with others here. There are a lot of very cool projects. Feel free to search around the community page!

(Karin Wolok) #3

@mckenzma he's doing a live webcast this week! You should join if you can!

(Michael McKenzie) #4

Whoa! Excellent! I will check that out.