Bootcamp Student Interested in Neo4j

(Jarretrose) #1

Hey Folks,

My name is Jarret and I'm currently working on the final project of my Bootcamp journey. My team and I decided to give a Neo4j a try and I find it really interesting. Just here to ask some questions and see how other people interact with the graph.

Jarret Rose

(Michael McKenzie) #2

Welcome Jarret! That is exciting to hear. What kind of project are you looking to use Neo4j on?

(Jarretrose) #3

We're building an app that takes in ingredients that you have on-hand and returns possible recipes. Trying to figure out how to build this out with Neo4j has been interesting.

(Michael McKenzie) #4

Wow! that sounds very interesting. If you are also intending to build a web application I recommend you check out the GRANDstack that @William_Lyon helped put together. It gives you a full stack application you can use as a template and can get up and running in 5-10 minutes.