Bob: System Developer, Inventor

Rather fascinated with the subject of graphs and networks. Trying to learn more about Neo4j for use in some projects I am working on. Currently, I am faced with a newbie issue. In looking at the Project Management example in graphgist: Project Management - graphgists. It starts off with this table:
|Label|Activity Description|Duration|
|A|Perform needs analysis|10|
|B|Develop specifications|6|
Here is part of the CREATE:
CREATE (A:Activity {id:2, description:'Perform needs analysis', duration:10}),
(B:Activity {id:3, description:'Develop specifications', duration:6})
It seems like the label is Activity, if so what is the A and B.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hi Bob :slight_smile:
What kind of things do you invent? I've been working on a project to get patents into Neo4j. As far as A and B there, those are like variable names or references to the two different Activities that you can reference later in your Cypher code. A and B are both nodes with an Activity label. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.