BI Connector neo4j

Hi Team..!!
I am trying to connect to neo4j using bi connector..i am getting connection success.

just i want to know how to query to get metadata of the database. i.e for relational databases we will query like "select * from system.tables" to get the tables information..
So can anyone help to get this query right in neo4j BI.
Basically i want to get queries of getting list of tables and getting the table information i.e the column names and their datatypes.

Thanks in Advance..!!

I'm not familiar with "bi connector" is that the name of the application? It's likely you'll use the JDBC driver for Neo4j to connect to you application. Exact instructions how to configure the JDBC driver will depend on your application.

Then to help you on your way about gathering some basic metadata of your graph, the Neo4j Desktop application comes shipped with some helpful saved queries. There's about a dozen of them so I won't list them all here but check out that folder of saved queries to get you on your way.

I am referring to BI Connector introduced by NEO4J BI Connector for BI Tools.

Wow, I'm behind on my blog reading. What's the bi tool your using the connector with? In the blog the example "sql" they're querying the node labels as if they're tables. I wonder if must already have some basic knowledge of the data model in order to write a query.