Best cypher query for having a match on multiple relations

I am a bit new here ...but I have a node with one or more relation of the same type:
RR can have many BB

So RR can have many relations pointing to BB with property 'Code'.
Say we have:
RR1 has_bol with BB.Code: 'ab'
RR2 has_bol with BB.Code: 'abc'
RR2 has_bol with BB.Code: 'xc'
RR3 has_bol with BB.Code: 'xca'
RR3 has_bol with BB.Code: 'xc6'
RR3 has_bol with BB.Code: 'xcga'
..... 1000things further
RRx has_bol with BB.Code: 'anything'

I need a query with no performance issue that gets all the RR nodes with BB nodes where BB contains 'xc'.

If RR has 3 relations to BB with one match on BB, the query returns RR with 3 BB nodes, not one BB.

In our example above it will return RR2 with the two nodes of BB (abc, xx) and also RR3 with 3 nodes of BB ('xca', 'xc6', 'xcga')

How can one make that one work.
You can compare it with the stuff command in SQL, which have performance issues with big data.

Try this:
To return BB (abc, xx) :
MATCH (RR)-[:has_bol]->(BB)
WHERE BB.Code = 'xx' or BB.Code ENDS WITH 'c'

To return BB ('xca', 'xc6', 'xcga')
MATCH (RR)-[:has_bol]->(BB)

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Thank you, I thought I was doing things wrong but it seems that the simple solutions are just fine.
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You might want to look at this training, especially the part about refactoring and using multiple Labels on a Node.