Awesome Curated List for Neo4j Resources

A major challenge for new graph developers is to fully grasp comprehensive view of the ecosystem surrounding Neo4j-meaning all of the tools, utilities, libraries, plugins, development tools tutorials, support resources etc. that are available.

Neuda's "Awesome Neo4j" offered a reasonably good starter list of resources. The list no longer appears to be maintained and much of the information is out of date.

I have forked the list and am in the process of making major revisions--which I will publish sometime next week. However, my knowledge of the complete Neo4j ecosystem is painfully limited.

I would very much value feedback and input from those who are really experts and knowledgeable of the available resources. I need your guidance to help build out a great go-to list for all things Neo4j. I am happy to invest the time. I simply need to borrow your expertise.

A comprehensive, well-curated, list of of resources will go far in assisting veteran Graph developers. It will also shrink the learning curve for new developers.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!