Asmin import issue what does this mean "original error: Requested index -1, but length is 1000000"

Can someone explain what this error is saying and where I might look to correct it? I'm at a loss in trying to figure out what I've missed in my processing. Im not finding other posts like this either.

the referenced file line- rel_cchg_dimcchg.csv, position:1234657, line:24844] does appear to be any different that the previous line.

org.neo4j.internal.batchimport.input.InputException: ERROR in input
  data source: BufferedCharSeeker[source:/var/lib/neo4j/import/rel_cchg_dimcchg.csv, position:1234657, line:24844]
  in field: :START_ID(cchg-ID):1
  for header: [:START_ID(cchg-ID), :END_ID(dim_cchg-ID), :TYPE]
  raw field value: 122710092019-06-
  original error: Requested index -1, but length is 1000000