Apoc Periodic Commit with multiple queries

Is there a way to execute multiple queries inside apoc.periodic.repeat?

I have about 22 different queries I'd like to execute one after the other at a specific time during the day.

Thank you!

Hello @hlow :slight_smile:

You will need 22 different queries and it will be better in the future if you want to handle them one by one, for example if you want to shutdown one and not the others.


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Ah ok that makes sense.

Is there also a parameter that I could set to have them run at a specific time? Like at 7am everyday? I only see the option to set how long to repeat in seconds.

Thank you Cobra!

You can search here but I don't think it's possible only in Cypher/APOC. When I want to something like you, I have a script started by crontab since I'm on Linux but you can also do it on Windows server.

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