Apoc.load.csv in embedded db is not working

in my cypher query i have apoc.load.csv("%s",{}) where file path is correct
But i am getting a RuntimeError as -> Import from files not enabled, please set apoc.import.file.enabled=true in your apoc.conf; Error code 'Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureCallFailed'

but i dont have any apoc.conf file , it is embedded db

for that I change the setting as --'

Neo4jConfigurator configurator = Neo4jBuilders
.withConfig(GraphDatabaseSettings.procedure_unrestricted, List.of("apoc."))
.withConfig(GraphDatabaseSettings.procedure_whitelist, List.of("apoc.import.

in GraphDatabaseSettings configurator

Still facing same error

any idea developers ?


Please search apoc. conf file in your local installation and do settings over there. Since DB was embedded when you started you have OVERLOOKED (skipped) configuration and that is causing all the trouble that you are facing.

Thanking you
G Sameer

Thanks For reply
but i am using this in unit Test
So i dont have apoc.conf file there
Could you please give example if any .

Please search it in your Neo4j Desktop local installation directory.
Thanking you
G Sameer G