Any volunteers for a new open-source project in financial reporting?

Hello everyone!

In the past months I have been working with financial reporting data in Neo4j. More precisely, I have been working with the XBRL reporting system that has been adopted in the US in 2009 and many other countries after that. The EU was supposed to adopt it starting in 2021, but it has been delayed to 2022 as companies asked more time to implement the new system due to Covid-19.

In short, Neo4j can be a very helpful tool in two directions. The first one is by helping companies to automatize their financial reporting routines. Business reporting becomes more and more complex as companies become larger and operate in multiple countries. It can help both companies and regulators to validate reported data. The other direction is to help companies to read financial reports and build financial datasets, very handful for companies working with credit research and financial analytics. I see it becoming specially useful in the European Union in the next years with the approval of the EU transparency directives and open-banking regulation.

Please let me know if you would be interested in knowing more about it, I will be happy to answer any questions! It would be great finding either volunteers to help in the development or companies willing to implement it. Thank you for your attention!

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Hi @dcdelgado

There are also XBRL activities in Japan.
I can develop Apps using Neo4j, and I would like to volunteer to develop multilingual resources.

Koji Annoura

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Hi Koji, thank you for your reply!

I will send you an e-mail with more details. I have some good applications in mind and your experience on developing apps in Neo4j will be very helpful!

Hello Im a senior full stack/devops developer, working with neo4j, graphql apis, react, micro services, and a bunch of other technologies

Currently working on critical-links, full time, and in my solidaryChain sideproject, a fusion of hyperledger blockchain decentralized network, supplyChain, graphql API, and connected to offChain neo4j data base.

Maybe I can be useful

Currently Im try to find someone that helps me to, to spin of this project, I have a major problem I only know how to code and I can't write, marketing or transform this huge project into a reality


Hi Mario, thank you for volunteering!

I am now in the planning stage. I thought on developing a Python app in which interactions between XBRL XML files and Neo4j occur through APOC + Neomodel .

Would you have experience using Neomodel to share with us?

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Im not a python guy, I work with many tecnologies but I never like python syntax, never fit with me

I work with neo4j js driver, drivine driver, neo4j spring boot, and other tooling
There are other implementations in node ecosystem too

Currently Im focus on node ecosystem