Announcing neo4j-connector 1.0.0 (python 3.5+)

(Jjbankert) #1

This is the official announcement of the release of neo4j-connector 1.0.0. For some background see below but the most important links are:


pip install neo4j-connector



Over the last few weeks there was some discussion on the difference in performance between the different neo4j drivers: Barebones HTTP requests much faster than python neo4j-driver and py2neo?. The results were that for the ETL type jobs that I was running, simple HTTP requests are currently faster than going through other libraries. Specifically when executing many statements in a single request (100+) and/or when requesting a lot of data (1000+ rows) the speed-up is a factor 3-6x.

What we are releasing today is a convenient wrapper that abstract away the HTTP requests and allows you to focus on building the statements and handling the results. Currently there is only support for 'single-request transactions'. This reduces the complexity both for the library and also for the user of our neo4j-connector.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Barebones HTTP requests much faster than python neo4j-driver and py2neo?
(Michael Hunger) #2

Thanks so much for your contribution. I think this will be helpful for folks who need the best transport performance in python.