An unusual error... Set property for property 'changed' is not allowed for user 'neo4j' with FULL restricted to READ

I have gotten a query to work that compares two patterns. I am trying to update a changed property in the steps.

Here is the statement. If I take out the bold, it works fine. With it it issues the message.

MATCH (p1:ProgNode{compileunit:"dogan1612_hilti_practice.2020-07-28"})
WITH p1.inode AS inode, p1.KDM AS KDM
ORDER BY inode
MATCH (p2:ProgNode{compileunit:"dogan1612_hilti_practice.2020-08-28"})
WHERE p2.inode = $inode
AND p2.KDM <> $KDM
SET p2.changed = True
RETURN p2', {inode:inode, KDM:KDM}) YIELD value
WITH DISTINCT value.p2 AS p2
WITH count(p2) AS nb_nodes
RETURN CASE WHEN nb_nodes <> 0 THEN "changed" ELSE "nothing changed" END AS info, nb_nodes