Afiq , Computer Science Student from Malaysia [Final Year Project]

Hey everyone, great to be part of this community.

Recently, I have kick start my Final Year Project that uses Neo4j Graph database. I have to create a Web application using the GRAND stack. Hopefully throughout my journey this community could help me achieve my goals. Looking forward to be working with this technology.

By the way, I am working on Fraud Detection using graph database for Banking use case. :smiley:

Oh wow! So, you are doing a final project AND a fraud detection project?
We love GRANDstack, don't we @mckenzma :slight_smile:

Did you meet Kassim, @vignes_k ? He led a local Global Graph Celebration Day in Malaysia last month.

Not sure wheer you are in Malaysia but @howie.limu is also local to the country.

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Give me a shout on 0196011148, i am also looking to do the same lets collaborate :)

Hi Afiq,

Great to meet you and good to know the Neo4j community in Malaysia is growing. Don't hesitate to reach out if you've any questions!

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