Advices for starting


I am seeking advices to start using neo4j.

I have a database with browser and bolt access with an old version. This is a production database. All developers are gone and I do not have access to the server.

Version:	3.3.5
Edition:	Community
Name:	graph.db

I use javascript and I have managed to connect to the database with var neo4j = require("neo4j-driver").v1;

I want to be able to copy the database locally so that I can play with, run cypher queries ( read and writes ).

From what I know of databases there should be a way to copy paste all the content from remote to local but I cannot find any information on how.

I have downloaded Neo4j Desktop but when trying to connect I have this error Neo4jError: Unknown Bolt protocol version: 0 which I guess is because desktop is released with a ^4.x version of Neo4j.

Well, I am a bit lost then.