Advice on creating and querying indexes using OSM data


I am using the OSM data and attempting the build a index that can be searched.

The graph structure
The OSM data imported into a graph creates the following structure:

OSMTag has the property "amenity"

What I am trying to do
I want to be able to create an index with all the amenities for all of the OSMNodes. When queried with something like "Cafe", I want to return all the OSMNodes (and properties on these) that have been tagged with something similar.

I have attempted the following but i get no results.

What i have attempted so far

CALL db.index.fulltext.createRelationshipIndex("amenityIndex",["TAGS"],["amenity"]);
CALL db.index.fulltext.queryRelationships("amenityIndex", "cafe") YIELD relationship, score RETURN relationship, score;
CALL db.index.fulltext.drop("amenityIndex")

What am I doing wrong?