Add YIELD but see error

Hi! I have tried to use apoc.merge.node.eager. But see the error:
Unknown procedure output: total (line 994, column 97 (offset: 34284))
" RETURN null"
IF I try to return something, see:
Unknown procedure output: a (line 994, column 96 (offset: 34283))
" RETURN version"

Where is the mistake?

WITH apoc.convert.fromJsonList(data) as arr , 'TEST_V1' as version
UNWIND arr as v

UNWIND RANGE(0,CASE WHEN length(>length( length( ELSE length( END) as i
CALL apoc.merge.node.eager(['MONEY'], {ean:coalesce([i],"")}, {},{}) YIELD amount

Hello, the procedure apoc.merge.node.eager() YIELDs a node variable, not amount. You can alias that if you want to: YIELD node as amount.

You can use'merge.node.eager') to check the signature of the procedure, including yielded variables.