Add "homogeneous list" of property types to the documentation in composite types

Hello :slight_smile:

In the Movie graph, there is in ACTED_IN relationships the property roles which is a list of string.
In the documentation, it's written that composite types cannot be stored as properties, by experience and in your Movie graph example, we see we can store a homogeneous list of property types. I think you should add this information to the documentation.


This is actually called out under the property type section above the composite section.

Homogeneous lists of simple types can also be stored as properties, although lists in general (see Composite types) cannot be stored.

Put another way, it's always been; You can't store an array of objects, only an array of value types.
I doubt this will ever change, since if you're storing an array of objects, that could be better modeled as relationships.

I checked before and didn't see they added it :sweat_smile: