A Clever Label - an investigative documentary experience with an open API


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Hi I'm Michela from Sydney studio Mod http://mod.studio)

We are working on an investigative documentary experience A Clever Label using Neo4J behind the scenes and looking for community support to finalize our soon to be public graph and REST API.

Here is a sneak peek and short presentation on the project - including a 3min video that gives more of a taste.

Having spent several years researching how anti-LGBTQI lobbying works in Australia and internationally, we're almost ready to go public with our data set as we continue with production of a pilot virtual production that will be released as a mixed reality video and a location-based VR experience.

As a director who specialises in realtime and virtual production I've been exploring the potential of graph databases to help in the research phase of shows but also (and this is the experimental bit) be available via motion gestures for VR and virtual production filming.

What do we need?

We're looking for Neo4J expertise to refine our schema and workflow ahead of populating the rest of our data.

We have a tiny project budget and small dedicated team of cross-disciplinary practitioners but aside from the show audience - data scientists and journalists are very much in our thoughts. With a proof-of-concept Neo4J database linked into our web services API and then into our Unreal Engine virtual production experience, we're after linkages with communities, graph database designers and hackers who can help us shine a light on a timely topic that traditional journalism has not covered terribly well.

Can you help?.

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Attending SIGGRAPH Asia next week? Come and say hi - I'll be talking about this project on this panel

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Hi Michela,
This is really interesting!!!!

@sony did you see this???

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Great work Michela :metal: