A Christmas surprise!

On Christmas Eve yesterday a mysterious package was delivered to the house. Figuring that maybe either my wife or I had forgotten an order we bought, we placed it under the tree to open this morning.

Here is the surprise that awaited me, my Neo4j speaker hoodie from when I presented at a conference about Graph Databases!

If you would like to also receive one of these awesome hoodies, @neo4j_devrel can tell you all about the Neo4j speaker program. Essential you find a qualifying conference, apply to that conference when they do a call for papers, let Karin know when you've been accepted, and she'll guide you from there.

(Neo4j)-[:LOVES]->(The Community)

Merry Christmas everyone!


This hoodie looks very nice! I can't wait to get mine delivered.


Great news, gives me hope for something I was promised at Graphorum 2019 in October. @lyonwj I am guessing you might have forgotten so reminding -- this is about the bridges of Chicago :-). My LI credentials in case you want to get in touch (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujitpal/).


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So glad you like it!!! :smiley:
You've done a lot for the community this past year, so thank you!!!

For anyone else who is curious - speaker program info can be found here:

@sujit.pal Thanks for the reminder and sorry for the delay! Please check your email :-)