Greetings, from the world of Elixir!

I am one of the fellas helping Elixir integrating into the beautiful world of graphs, that of Neo4j and Cypher, more specifically.

If you're using Elixir, then most probably you've heard about us, or maybe you're already using our driver: Bolt.Sips?! Even tho' our project covers a narrow niche, it still racks up more than 13,662 downloads! All this thanks to your interest. And we're honored for trusting our (unofficial) open-source project with being part of your successes. If you're not using us yet, then we're here to help :heart:

We're also working on a newer version of Bolt.Sips. This new version will offer support for direct and routing Bolt protocols, covering bolt v1 v2 & v3, ad-hoc (role-based) custom connections - and if everything else will fall into the expected slots then the new version will also provide multi tenancy - allowing your (Elixir) apps to connect to multiple Neo4j servers, concurrently - because ... Erlang processes :slight_smile:

Please do not hesitate to ask for help, here or on our issue tracker, if you're interested in testing Neo4j with Elixir!


#elixir #erlang #functional_programming