Hi All -

I'm Chriss, been using Neo4j for a bit, but just joining the community and the Startup Accelerator!

I've worked with graph applications for a while - since about 2005, but this stint is my first foray into using more general purpose graph databases. I'm a developer by background, although up until recently I hadn't written code in about 15 years. I started a company last year and dove back in to learn all the changes I missed in the world of actually writing and deploying software.

My company, InfiniteBlock, is working to build some new Blockchain analytics using graph techniques. So why is bourbon in the title you may ask? Well, I'm also working on a side project to map out distilled spirits, including my favorite, Bourbon and people's preferences.

Working with Neo4j (of course) and trying the whole GRAND stack to make it all work. Deploying in Azure.

Happy to be here. Let me know if I can be of any help!