I am on a contract in Oslo (commuting from Stavanger region), to document and help rewrite an older SQL Server system (lots of TSQL stored procedures).

System is poorly documented, currently extracting all possible job, job step, executable (stored procedures), table and column information into Neo4j, to find out exactly what is connected with what (documentation).

First intro'ed to Neo4j in a Stavanger contract, extracted Windows Active Directory information and directory information to model security rights for a digitalizing system (quickly finding all accessible documents on subjects, depending on user role, across servers, systems, and countries). Also extracted POSC/Caesar (ISO15923 data model for Oil and Gas) into Neo4j for demo purposes ... powerful stuff.

Found Neo4j to be fascinating.

So there so, otherwise years (and years and years) of database design, implementation, and maintenance, Oracle, SQLServer, SQLite,,Neo4j, and ETL work in Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, TSQL, PL/SQL, and a multitude of ETL tools (Talend is the thing right now...).

mvh Charles