Rishi Software Engineer in Support at StreamSets Inc , Bangalore ( India )

Hello Team,

Bio: Software Engineer in Support at StreamSets | Ex-Cloudera | Ex-RedHatter

Experienced Support Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the OpenSource software industry. Skilled in core Linux, data analytics & DevOps. OpenSource enthusiast and contribute in Apache StreamSet and other Apache Hadoop project.

Glad to be part of neo4j community. and looking forward to learn and share all about the Graph DB world.

Ohhh! Do you work with @metadaddy? Maybe you two can help this guy out:

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And welcome to the community! :)

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A few more things!
We do have some folks at CAST Software that run a meetup there. Maybe you want to speak at it?

We also have a Bangalore group on community site:

and some people based out of there:

Thanks, @neo4j_devrel - I left a message on Alvaro's thread.

Hi Rishi - good to see you here! :wave:

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Makes me melt to see this happening here. @metadaddy @jainrishi871 lol

look forward to participate in local neo4j meetup.

:wave: Thanks, it is good to see you too.