Neo4j Stored Procedures for Devs that don't know Java (yet)

A two part set of slides to help you learn how to write Stored Procedures in Neo4j.

Part 1:
Level Set - Get everyone on the same page. Neo4j Internals, modeling for performance.
Stored Procedures - Get IntelliJ installed, understand the stored procedure API, using the Java API,
Testing - Using JUnit and Neo4jRule to test the stored procedures
Traversal API - How does it work, when to use this monster, when not to.

Part 2:
Performance Testing - Using Gatling to simulate load.
Profiling - Using Yourkit to see what's really going on.
Traversal API Part 2 - Expanders, Evaluators and Bidirectional Traversals
Caching - using Roaring Bitmaps to do less work
Analytics - Writing query results to disk.

If you have questions or issues, please reply to below.


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The fullscreen did not work for the slide show in any of the major browsers and the set dimensions are too small to veiw....too bad, I would like to have seen the topic...very important stuff.

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Here is the PDF:

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Thank you for the workaround :)

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