My name is Roger, and I'm a graphaholic. "Hello, Roger!"

My name is Roger Dunn, and I recently found Neo4j when it showed up as an ad in one of my Gmail boxes. I am glad it did. I have had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and made several mistakes constructing and querying my graphs. I have impressed co-workers with what I have imported from our master database and displayed as cool pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I have worked for just under 25 years as an application programmer. Some work I did for the public education sector, but the majority of my work has been for local government, creating in-house products that fill a need. My job has helped me get to know employees in development services, engineering, the court, police, fire, public works, and the recorder's office. My main development platform has been Delphi, and am just getting into Visual Studio, C#, .NET Core, and all that jazz.

I am also the City's GIS (Geographical Information Systems) expert. I have helped the City create and maintain GIS layers that represent assets, boundaries, and tasks. I regularly do presentations at state-wide GIS conferences to other GIS users. I have a lot of contacts and friends in the GIS industry, but not so many in the programming industry. GIS is a marriage of art and math, and I just love it. I'm excited to see what Neo4j can do with our GIS.

In my personal life, I enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering with friends and on-line. I am a certified Level 1 judge and limit myself to judging Prerelease tournaments at my local game store. I also enjoy playing D&D with my twin sons and their friends, but it's hard putting in the time to prepare for game sessions with everything else I do. I have a wife, three kids, and two dogs (mother and daughter shorkies). I enjoy listening to 50's and 80's music and Broadway show tunes. I am currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.


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