How to create a relation from two columns in one table?

Hi Jose,

have a try yourself. What happens when you load in all nodes at once? Maybe you know some functionality that I don't, but I tried it in two different ways:

  1. Loading in only all nodes at once.
    a) When I used the "MERGE" function, I couldn't load all nodes at once. I got an error.
    b) When I used the "CREATE" function, it created 12 nodes. Hence, e.g. the "Marc" node is created 3 times and not only once as you would wish.

  2. If you load in all nodes and edges at the same time using MERGE or CREATE, you will also get 12 nodes, where always 2 of them are connected. The reason is that even the MERGE command here only "merges" if the complete row is already in the database. Since you do not have duplicate rows, every row is treated as a new one, once again e.g. creating 3 times the "Marc" node.

I think this is also the reason that you will find people always having two files - one for nodes and one for edges. If you have that, you do not need to load any file several times and do not have the MERGE / CREATE problem.