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Resolved! How to Split a Row While importing CSV with Cypher

Hi, I want to create a database from a CSV file using LOAD CSV. A column called Problem contains a unique value in each cell. So I'm going to generate a node from each one of the values, belonging to the p: product label. Two other columns -Patient a...


Pass data from Flask Server to Neo4j Graph

Hi, I have am using Segment (customer data platform) to collect consumer behavior data which is then being forwarded to a Flask Server in json format.  If I wanted to take that data and then forward it to a neo4j graph as it comes in, what would be t...

hlow by Node Link
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How to Left Exclude Join optimally

Hi, I'm trying to write a query that would delete Entities in my Database that are not present in the file I use to load daily. E.G.: DATABASEFILE"A""A""B"-"C""C""D"-"E""E"   I have 5 nodes in my database with the above codes in the "DATABASE" column...

mrksph by Node Clone
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import sparse matrix into neo4j

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had some advice I have a very large sparse matrix as csr_maxtrix (from scipy) . I want to load this into neo4j what's the best way of doing this?  My only idea so far is loading it into networkx, then maybe write a gr...

NickM by Visitor
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Real time recommendations using Link Prediction?

Hi Neo4j Community, I'm interested in using link prediction in GDS to power real-time product recommendations. Can link prediction in GDS be used for real-time recommendations? Or is executing it too slow? What kind of computational complexity is lin...

Support for sh:message in neosemantics

Hello, as the output of neosemantics is quite hard to read for non-technical people, I'd love tosee  support for the sh:message within neosemantics. I also opened an issue on GitHub to demonstrate the usefulness (https://github.com/neo4j-labs/neosema...

OGM fixed delay of 1sec.

Hi to All, I recently tried to adopt Neo4j as a DBMS for a "typical" 3-tier architecture in Java, adopting the OGM library (vers. 3.2.36). In first place, I want to outline that the project adopts the JEE stack, with JAX-RS for realizing REST service...

Samuele by Visitor
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