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Community Activity

GDS Pipeline and mutate properties

Hi! I am working with GDS pipelines and wanted to introspect the content of the projected graph with the streamNodeProperties function but it is currently failing to find the property in the projected graph. Here is my code (using the Python client):...

how can I graph the relationship of documents

Greetings all, I would like to learn how I could use Neo4j to graph the relationship between word documents. I was thinking I could export the documents into text and if a group of multiple consecutive words match, for example, 5 words match between ...

I want to what is the use of similarity in neo4j

Hi, Time complexity Similarity algorithms has time complexity O(n3) and space complexity O(n2).  neo4j is a graph database and all the nodes are connected other nodes with respect to their relationship. Basically I wanted to build a content based mov...

apoc.coll.sort alphanumeric

Hi, RETURN apoc.coll.sort(["test1", "test10", "test2"]) AS output; returns ["test1", "test10", "test2"] is there a way to sort alphanumerically to get an output like ["test1", "test2", "test10"]

Transient data access exception even after retries

Hi, in one of my customer-facing services, I am getting   org.springframework.dao.TransientDataAccessResourceException: Server at is no longer available; Error code 'N/A'; nested exception is ...

potato by Node Link
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Neodash standalone

Hi, I'm starting to build an neo4j database with neodash as dashboard tool, I already installed docker image for both. I read and everything is working but I have a question: Is ther...


Educator program still alive?

Dear all,   I'm writing this post as a teaching assistant regarding the info about Neo4j Educator program -   Is that program still alive as I can't see any application link on the above-mentioned site? Doe...

Neo4j python driver with asyncio.gather() crashes

I've been trying to run some read queries concurrently using asyncio tasks and gather(). I've tried to run the queries concurrently within a transaction. session and driver, but they all fail. Does anyone have an idea on how to run multiple read quer...

Bertel by Node
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Creating a chrome extension to interface with a neo4j db

I want to build a chrome extension to perform some read and write transactions on a neo4j database which is on the cloud.I wanted to know if it is possible to install the javascript driver into the extension itself. If this is not possible, the only ...

raster by Visitor
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Neo4j Desktop not working; Window 10

I am unable to work with Neo4j desktop, It gets stuck on choose path scree. I checked my Path Environment variable it has "%SystemRoot%\System32\wbem". Upon hitting confirm button the error shown is: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Command failed: wmic ...

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